Considered as an aid to regulate temperature:

Glomus body is an integral part of the dermal layer of skin. When the glomus body comes in contact with cold temperatures, they move blood away from the surface touched to reduce heat loss. Though Glomus body are found all over yet they are more prevalently present in fingers and toes and an abnormal growth of glomus body results in glomus tumors.

With slow growth and rarity:

these abnormal growth of mass of tissues are usually not malignant in nature. With no fathomable cause of the tumors having yet been diagnosed except perhaps some hereditary link, they are extremely painful and more so when placed in cold water. The signs that signify glomus tumors are elevated nail bed and bluish or whitish discoloration as a possible indication.

Frequently found more in young adults:

Glomus tumors usually affect people between 20-50 years of age and more so, women. Being not more than 7mm in diameter, these benign tumors very rarely are transformed to malignant / cancerous tumors thereby becoming more than 2cm in diameter. This complex finger tumor needs a surgeon who is not only well versed with this condition but has skilled hands to treat it respectively.

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Tour of Hand2Shoulder clinic:

Upper limbs which comprise of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder joint are a framework of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage enable mobility functions in humans such as driving, combing, holding, writing and so on.

There are various complexities in the upper limbs and joints which cannot be treated without specialized medical aid. To enable patients the convenience of international modality treatment to each and every debilitating condition arising out of injury or congenital disease Dr. Gupta initiated hand2shoulder clinic.

Compilation of all relative detailed information about every condition and treatment has been put forth on our website to facilitate knowledge to both patients and medical professionals who would want to delve into it further.

An Insight into Dr. Vikas’s professional profile

Dr. Gupta needs no introduction in the field of upper extremity. Having graduated as an MBBS and then further as an MS in Orthopedics from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi he has selflessly served patients for more than 20 years. With expertise exhibited in each case he has one the most deft and delicate hands in the field of upper extremity surgeries.

Having conducted more than 6000 surgeries he is considered as one of the most prominent hand specialists in India today in the field of upper extremity with innovative techniques for each case, at his disposal.

Dr. Gupta’s diligence and focused approach provides his patients with thorough evaluation, formulation of personalized treatment plan and reconstructive after care approach makes him the best in his forte.

Hand2Shoulder Clinic on National Geographic

Case operated by Dr. Vikas Gupta covered by National Geographic Team for serial "Emergency Room". This video highlights careless attitude can lead to grievous injuries which can lead to permanent disability and these if treated properly on time can bring back person towards normal life.....

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Treatment Methodology

There is only one technique to treat glomus tumors and it is the SURGICAL EXCISION TECHNIQUE. Under this outpatient technique the finger nail is removed within minutes and the tumor is exposed. The tumor is then removed completely by surgery and the surface is closed and bandaged. The enervating pain and sensitivity to cold temperatures will immediately subside and within 3 to 4 months the nail will grow back again. Read more...

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